Five Super Quick Asian Inspired Menu Items

If you want to quickly add some Asian menu items, we've got five quick and easy ideas for your restaurant or family to enjoy. All with prep time under 5 minutes.

1. PRINCESS Prawn Crackers (Red or Multi-colour) (2kg)

These are super quick, just take out the crackers and throw them into a hot pool of cooking oil. Once the crackers have popped open, they're ready! It's a great freebie dish and a kids favourite. Prep time: Under 5 minutes.


2. PRINCESS Medium Pork Dim Sims / LITTLE CHEF Small Pork Dim Sims (sold in cartons)

These dim sims are great and super tasty. Put them in the steamer and steam, or if you're lazy, you can pop them in the microwave or deep fry them for a crispy texture. Prep time: Under 5 minutes.


3. PRINCESS Vegetarian Cocktail Spring Rolls, Samosas, Money Bags (typically 96 pieces per pack)

A party and catering favourite, our PRINCESS cocktail fingerfoods are simple and easy to prepare. Just take them out of the freezer and deep fry until golden brown. Then, add your favourite dipping sauce (PANTAI Sweet Chilli Sauce, COUNTRYWIDE Tomato Sauce, COUNTRYWIDE BBQ Sauce). For a healthier (but longer prep time) you can also put them in the oven and turn them over every 5-10 mintues. Prep time: Under 5 minutes if deep frying, 20 minutes if in the oven.


 4. TAITUNG BBQ Pork Buns or Mini BBQ Pork Buns (typically 6 or 12 pieces per pack)

Again, super quick, take them out of the packet, and put them in the microwave for 2 minutes. If you want a more authentic texture and less dry bun skin, put them in a bamboo steamer. Prep time: Under 3 minutes (microwave), 10 minutes using steamer.


5. SEAFOOD ESSENTIALS Seasoned Seaweed Salad (454g)

If you're after a cold entree or something to add a bit of kick to your salad bowl, you can try our seasoned seaweed salad. Made from harvested seaweed from the ocean and marinated in vinegar, sesame seeds, chillis and spices they're a Japanese inspired favourite. It's also super healthy too! If you prepare ahead of time, you can defrost it in the fridge overnight, else, you can pop the packet in the microwave to defrost it or leave the packet under a running water bath. Prep time: Depends how organised you are.


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