Product Highlight - Taitung Fortune Cookies

We've just unloaded a shipment of TAITUNG premium fortune cookies - ready for the holiday season and Chinese New Year 2019.
How are these fortune cookies different?

  1. It’s made to our spec with food service customers in mind
  2. Compliant labeling (not just a cheap clear plastic wrapper) so people know what they’re eating without having to guess!
  3. Nice Asian design (Chinese character for ‘double happiness’) which doesn’t peddle any commercial business brands or anything. This can double as a wedding favour for our Asian clients
  4. Our fortunes are curated by the team at Taitung... so hopefully no ‘Chinglish’ fortunes or jibberish 
  5. Our team spent over a year in R&D to get this to market
  6. Made in Hong Kong using the best ingredients

Each carton contains approximately 300 pieces.

Speak to our team today for more info.

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